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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 15 March 2015.

" MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going"-Jim Rohn

It is my pleasure to say that our first 2015 Paleo Challenge was a great success!! We are very proud of every single person that participated and began their change to a healthier lifestyle.
I wanted to take the time to write this blog to give you some suggestions on how to keep it paleo and keep it sane!
There are several factors that you can play around to give you a balance on what you eat and the timing of eating as well as portions of food.

* If you are wondering where I got that delicious meal from...California Creationz and Trejos =)


-What does it mean to eat clean? eating clean can still be fun and tasty. It means that you want to train your body to use protein and fat sources as fuel instead of glutens, refined sugars, dairy, processed foods and any other meals that irritate and inflame your body that can also deprive it from absorbing great nutrients. The high and constant inflammation in your body and the excessive changes in insulin trace back to why people are getting sick and can be a cause for autoimmune, cancer and different chronic illness. There is a lot of detail on nutrition that I can cover in person of why and how food affects our body. But I want to keep this short and effective.

Our purpose is to guide you to a healthier lifestyle that allows you to enjoy life, food, training and still reduce the risk of disease Also we want to keep you as healthy as we can and give you the tools you need but it is up to you to utilize them to the fullest.

-Eat lean meats, vegetables and good fats.
Grass Fed meats, organic vegetables and small amounts of whole fruits, not juices. Wild caught fish is the best since the packaged fish are farmed which are fed with grains. I get asked a lot of questions on the why not eat grains? grains can carry viral infections, they spike insulin and can contain GMO. But most importantly they have Phytic Acid which is a mineral that blocks calcium absorbtion meaning weaker bones. This is a whole different topic but if you want to know a detailed written blog about grains I will definitely do one in the near future!

The healthy fats are in avocado, coconut oil and nuts. Your good carbohydrates are your vegetables and sweet potatoes. not your breads and pastas.

3. WHEN TO EAT-suggested times
-Breakfast: it is the most important of the day because it sets you up for an energized day. Eat big! lots of protein, fat and veggies. Fuel yourself for the day!

-Snack: eat some chicken and almonds enough to keep u moving and help you stay focus on your tasks. Water intake is huge! at least one glass of water per hour, less as you get close to bedtime.

-Lunch: This is usually about 4-5 hours after breakfast! this is probably the time when you hit your proteins and fat big and maybe some fruit.

Snack: same as before 1/4 to 1/2 size of regular meal to keep you sustained. still protein and fats. some veggies.

Dinner: ok this is where you get lean and mean. Smallest meal of the day since you only have few hours to digest. Keep it protein and fat. Try to resist your sweet tooth from wine, fried or fresh fruit, or any carbs that are going to spike your insulin. STAY STRONG, you already worked so hard during the day, DO NOT DO IT NOW!!

Pre-Workout: you want protein and fat right before
Post workout: lean protein and digestable denser carbs to replenish like potatoe yams , no fats


yes that is paleo bread =) in New Zealand haha

-Protein: as many eggs you can fit in your hand or about palm size steak or chicken breast, every meal!!

Veggies AMVAP- as many veggies as possible-leafs, khale, cabbage, greens!!
The Carby ones like the sweet potatoe and squash righ after your workout but not before bed, remember lean and mean right before bed!!!

Fruit: a fist size, for people that want to reduce body fat then very minimum! fruits are still sugars, your body recognizes sugars not as oh this is a banana, or an apple, no! it recognizes as oh look 30 g of sugar, YUM!

Fats: thumb size on the coconut oils or butter
-1/2 avocado a meal
- fist size on coconuts
include fats every meal except after workout! avocados and nuts are your friends! not salted tho! =)

-This is extremely important because every person is unique on how they respond to food and the timing on food. If you have the perfect world and sleep at least 7-8 hours and follow this guidelines, you will be healthier. (aesthetically as well haha) but we all know that it is not the case, so how do we go about this??
Take one day at a time and remember to when it all fails, eat protein like chicken and meats and stick to the nuts, you need some energy besides your black coffee..
ok power nap for 10 minutes and feed the brain some 1/4 of yam and couple of eggs and believe you will have a LOT more energy!


Flat White in Queenstown, NZ

Now, every person needs to know their macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs) depending on their activity level and goal. Athletes that are looking for performance is going to be a bit different than people that are trying to be healthy and maintain or get to a healthier range on their body fat. It is a fun procedure of trial and error and being consistent you can actually see changes.

I keep hearing questions on the booze... ok every one likes to have a drink here and there, GREAT, no problem, your choice... now if you are a drinking weekend warrior dont except too much of a change in energy or fat reduction. Those two DO NOT go together but you can enjoy and play a little here and there. Just be true to yourself and know your limits so that you dont derail from all your hard work.

Also, you can eat clean and still go up in muscle! but it is going to take a lot more meals and discipline on fueling your body at the right time! Have fun with it and remember it takes time to reverse certain effects made in the body, so be patient and DO NOT STOP!
We believe you all can do it, Do you believe in yourself???

Here is a sample of a shopping list:



2015 St. Pattys Day =)


Feedback is always great! let me know if anyone would like me to focus on a certain topic or go into more detail on certain subjects!

Stay Strong,

DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


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