Surviving Your First Week of Paleo

Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 12:00
Written by Coach Jenna on 08 November 2014.

Oh Paleo, such a simple word, yet so much impact can come from it. If you have done any research about this style of eating you have heard about the endless benefits that it brings. It is an anti-inflammatory diet that can support your training as well as just keep you healthy and happy for years to come. I am not going here to convince you why you should switch to this style of eating (we will leave that for a different post!), I am here to give you some basic tips on how to survive your first few weeks on paleo.


It is so easy to get caught up in the paleo world online, and all of a sudden you think you need to be going low carb paleo, throw in intermittent fasting, and some butter in your coffee and your good to go right? Wrong, just relax and make things as simple as humanly possible. Eat Meat and Vegetables. Simple. Cook with some coconut oil and eat good fatty meats. Yes I am telling you to eat a Giant steak whenever you want. You are welcome.


You need to find food that you enjoy eating. Life is way to short to eat bad food. Eat amazing food every single day; don't think of paleo as a punishment and the world sucks because you cant eat Oreos. Think about enjoying incredible food you will be eating that fuels your body properly.
Eat the same thing over and over. In the beginning you will be overwhelmed, so finding a few meals that you really enjoy eating and are simple to make will make this process easier. You can branch out later on if you need to, but for now eat good simple food.


Find a paleo blogger than you can find some recipes to get you started. Juli from Paleomg is one of my favorites, she is a good one to start with. She is funny and gives you recipes that are easy to make. Smoky Bacon Chili is a meal that I make once a week, it makes great leftovers and it is ridiculously easy to make.
This is just one blogger, since the evolution of this paleo community there are now hundreds of different bloggers who really just want to help people in their transition to eating this way. So find someone who makes food that you like.


This is not new advice, it is easier when you have a friend, family member or loved one to do something with! This includes the switch to paleo. Things will be much better if you can get all the junk out of the house and start from scratch. So throw away the cereal and Twinkies and get some real food in your house.


Last piece of advice I would give you is to just relax and go easy on yourself. You do not need to be perfect for you to start living a healthy life, so do not chuck it all out because you just could not turn down the cake at a birthday party. Just take it one meal at a time and fuel your body well!

Enjoy the Process; eating a nutritionally dense diet that will make you healthy is an amazing thing. So enjoy the process of transforming your body into this incredible machine that is capable and strong and healthy!