Will CrossFit Make Me a Better Athlete?

Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 12:00
Written by Jenna Stark on 23 October 2014.

I can confidently answer that question, yes. Here are 7 reasons why doing CrossFit will make you a better athlete!

Strength gets you freaking strong. One of the main focuses of this workout methodology is to get you strong in a variety of different lifts, going beyond just squat, bench, and deadlift and introducing the Olympic lifts as well. These movements require strength and explosiveness because these lifts are complex movements that require the entire body in order to execute properly.

Power is the ability to exert maximal force in a short amount of time, which can be seen in accelerating to your max speed in a short amount of time. Power is one of the most important components in most sports, and training that power is found all over CrossFit. Olympic lifts require that quick, fast burst of energy that creates power. Power is also created in movements like box jumps, sprints, and prowler pushes. These movements programed properly will facilitate the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers.

CrossFit is the perfect training methodology for any serious athlete because it keeps you competing even when you are not on the field or court. CrossFit prides itself on its measurability. You can use benchmark workouts to see how you are progressing in your overall fitness. This allows you to compete against yourself, and know that your hard work is paying off. During everyday class you will also be pushed by others in the class, making you pick up the bar just 2 seconds earlier so you can beat the person next to you. Making you better each day you come into the box rather than working out alone.

Similar to a sports team that feels more like family than friends, we also feel this in our CrossFit community. Not only are they going to push you to be your very best each and every day, they are going to pick you up on your worst. They will be the ones cheering you on to finish your last rep when you feel like you have nothing left. This is the community of CrossFit that makes you roll out of bed at 6am and work out when you would rather keep sleeping. Every fitness expert in the world will tell you to get a workout buddy to keep you accountable, well walk into a box and you will find 100 workout buddies.

CrossFit is different than many traditional workout protocols in that it has a focus on gymnastics movements. Skills such as handstand push-ups, dips, pull-ups, muscle ups and L-sits are all movements that require a significant amount of body control in order to execute. Gymnasts are the best in the world at manipulating their body and understanding how to use their body most effectively. Adding these skills is beneficial to any athlete to better use their body no matter what sport they play.

Although CrossFit has the bad rap that you are going to walk into a box and walk out with 5 broken limbs, I will confidently argue the opposite to be true for athletes. The most common way that an athlete gets injured is an overuse injury, meaning they use the exact same muscles every single day in order to throw a ball, shoot a basket, jump a hurdle, and after time your body can get worn down in that area. CrossFit on the other hand is the exact opposite. It’s created in order to make you use every muscle you didn’t know you have and never doing the same workout from one day to the next. CrossFit allows your body to recover from your sport by forcing you to use your body in different ways than you ever would in one specific sport.

The last reason why CrossFit will make you a better athlete is because it’s fun! Seems simple right? Well it is, fun means that you want to go into the box every single day, which means you don’t miss workouts, which means you are getting just that much better every single day. When you are dreading the training you need to do that day more than likely you will skip at one point or another.