Monday, January 23, 2017 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 23 January 2017.

You have the choice to make certain things happen on your behalf. A workout, a relationship, homework, a project, etc.It is up to you if you do your part in what needs to be taken care of, the rest is out of your control.
THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! We continue to strengthen our mind over time. We have the choice to do it or don't do it at all. This ties in really well with being close to "REDLINE" in a workout. If you don't know what this means, then you need to push harder in certain workouts. Let me clarify. There is a purpose behind each workout, benchmark, lift, etc. Some days we want you to get after a certain workout and go close to redline. Some other days, the purpose of the workout is to do quality and focus on movement. Yes even during the hardest longest or fastest workout, there should be a big focus on technique and position, but at the same time, some days you just have to put up with the pain cave and DON'T STOP MOVING!!!
WHAT IS REDLINE DURING A WORKOUT? when you feel like you go numb, lightheaded, can't barely move and you are going as hard and fast as you can. The pros of that is that you have experience a thin line between death and being alive. Haha just kidding but that is how you feel when you go that hard. The good thing about that is that your body has pushed to a limit that it doesn't normally get to so it can now surpass it. Now, your body has experieneced that, when you become fitter, more efficient and learn to move well, your redline capacity increases and so does everything else. But only knowing one pace is never going to make you fitter.

No, we don't recommend to hit it this hard every single day because your engine won't be able to take it, but once in a while, you should push your body to those limits to understand there is always that extra push that every single person has. THIS WEEK, MAKE IT HAPPEN! We wil tell you when we want you to get after in a smart way so you push pass normal comfortable pace. Anything above comfortable pace is close to REDLINE. Anything passed what you are physically and mentally capable of doing is not REDLINE is straight up DUMB. So understand that REDLINE is pushing your limits while still being aware of technique, people around you and your own health =)

If anyone has ever any question of the madness of The Chad Attack please feel free to chat it up with me =) I love geeking out on programming !



You all are probably thinking, what are we doing this week??? Well, one thing that fitness can be compared to is life. Sometimes you don't know what is going to be thrown at you and you have to be ready for anything, anywhere and anyhow. You attack it headstrong and you own it!!! This is week 3 of the chad attack open prep!!
LET'S GO!!!!!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Sometimes I try tanning while I snatch hahah"