Monday, March 6, 2017 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 06 March 2017.

Have you decided to do the Fit/paleo challenge?? Great! Here are some great recipes that will help you succeed! Before we even start with recipes there are other tips and tricks that can help you crush this FIT challenge!

Tip #1

Be Prepared! The first few days you are going to be really excited and ready to crush this challenge, but you might have a few days where you are really struggling with sugar cravings and when that happens have some paleo snacks ready so that you can stay on track! I would suggest something like a handful of almonds! Almonds are a great item to have on hand and will help keep you on track with your paleo challenge!

Tip #2

Enjoy the process! This is something that you can do with your friends and enjoy the process of making yourself healthier! Find something that makes it fun for you, if you love to cook then great get creative with what you are going to cook! If you don’t enjoy cooking, then look up some of these amazing recipes below and you can just follow along and see what happens! You might find yourself enjoying cooking and it might surprise you!

Tip #3

Make it Easy! Make sure you are making this paleo challenge easy for yourself. The crock pot will be your best friend so make sure you throw meat in your crock pot and let it cook with no effort on your part! Then when you get home from work the food is already cooked and ready to go with very little effort on your part!
Moving on to some amazing paleo recipes that I think you will really enjoy and will help you throughout your paleo Challenge!!


There is nothing better for breakfast than these simple breakfast egg cups, you can make them in bulk and have breakfast ready to go all week long! Also you can easily substitute other ingredients into these and they will still taste great!

Paleomg Breakfast Egg Cups


This recipe for paleo nachos will seriously blow your mind, they are amazing and a fun lunch (especially on the weekend when you have some extra time). During the week leftovers from dinner the night before is the best way to deal with lunch. So make extra every night at dinner and you have lunch taken care of!

Paleo Nachos


When in doubt for dinner keep it simple, a good source of protein (chicken, fish, high quality beef, ect), and vegetables! Make it interesting with herbs, spices, and seasonings! This is my favorite way to cook chicken from nomnom Paleo! You can also check out all her other amazing recipes on that blog!


These are just a few Recipes that can help you, but as I said earlier enjoy the process and enjoy all the delicious paleo food!!!

Coach Jenna

THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK: Give a high five to someone you never have before!! ENCOURAGE!