Sunday, March 8, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 08 March 2015.

“You can’t rush something that you want to last forever”

The result of any hard work doesn’t come right away. It comes with time and patience. The better the foundation, the better the frame work, the stronger it will be. Training is the same thing. Be a master of the basics and move like a technician and you will forever have an engine to push right along.

Our bodies are our own machines. They are built to work, to think, to endure and to recover. This week is our 3rd week after our last max out cycle and we are in the middle of the CrossFit Open season where we hit a max effort work out every Friday. We need to be patient and learn how to recover daily. I would like to share with you certain key points for a better recovery, workout which will come with having a better foundation.

1. It is never too late to have a good foundation on movement. The better you learn to move and reset your old patterns, the more efficient you will become and the less prone to injuries you will be.

2. Every time you perform a movement it allows your body and mind to create a permanent pattern regardless if you are doing it correctly or not. If you slow down and get more in tune with your body and focus on technique, you have a better chance to create a more efficient pattern that you wont be trying to fix later on.

3. One movement at a time yes, but also create the connection and how each cue a coach gives you translates to most movements or at least positions.


4. When you work out, there is a stimulus and workload given to your body and mind. The body gets it done and its purpose is to repair right after. Listening to this natural process is the best way to go about recovering for the next session. Roll, stretch, cool down but most importantly, fuel your body that just put in work for however long the work out was. What you put in your body at this moment is very important for recovery and regeneration of muscle. Protein and quality fats are good.


(my sister gets down in the kitchen)

5. When you come in daily to work out have a purpose in mind. Not just your monthly goals but also your goal for that session. All these realistic goals will accumulate to make your long/permanent goal happen. If you know your mobility is the root of many broken movements, then spend some time working on those. If you know is your ego, then check it at the door daily =).

6. It is extremely motivating to see all of you do great and test your fitness daily. Learning the importance of when going redline and when doing technique is part of the undulating (hard/medium/easy) programming. Creating the baseline is key, building on top of that is even more important, but maintaining technique while going all you can go is the MOST important. Your mind will never go first (at least not while I’m around haha), but your body will. So it is up to you how you can control those factors.


Keep on building your temple with the best foundation and frame work you possibly can and don’t let challenges stop your fire!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong

Coach Rosario