Monday, March 16, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 16 March 2015.

"STUBBORN about your goals, FLEXIBLE about your methods"

Week 25 is about to get cranked!!! This week is about staying focused and remembering your basics as you are trying to move fast! The percentages are going to be staying the same as last week but we want to bring up the intensity. The main key point is to think of position and movement patterns as you trying to move the object or yourself at a faster pace. I purposely changed the DRS Complex to tuesdays for this week, so that people are not skipping those pressing days which are extremely important and also so you dont get too much into a routine. We are spiking things up into this week and I am trying to move the programming around to best fit 15.4 coming up this friday =)

In case you missed the posts over the weekend... here they are! Stay tune for the LEAN AND MEAN MENTALITY Blog that I will be releasing this wednesday to talk about fueling for performance, keeping it paleo and keeping it balanced. I would love to hear feedback on that one this week!!

We want to congratulate again our 2015 Paleo Challenge Winners:
1st Place: John La marca- 22 lbs down and his helen time improved by 5 mins ( he actually finished)
2nd Place: Claudio Dominguez- 14 lbs down, 4 % body fat and he finished helen with strict pullups ( improved by 4 mins)
3rd Place: Alex Sanchez- 20 lbs down and 1 minute off her helen time

These 3 individuals have worked extremely hard for the last 6 weeks. The challenge consisted in the following:
1. Eat ‪paleo style nutrition ( meats, vegetables, no sugars, lil starch, low sodium and good fats)
2. Train hard at DRS at least 3 times a week
3. We tested their run, their strength and their gymnastics (body weight movements) in the beginning and at end
4. Body fat scan by Yvonne Tait
5. Measured their Hip/waist ratio and for guys chest/ back as well.
In this pictured combined, there were 57 lbs lost, 25 inches lost between waist and hips and 7 lbs of muscle added. They also improved tremendously (mins) in their Helen time!!
We want you to know how proud of all of you we are and we expect nothing but continuation of this hard work.


On the following picture we have most of the Paleo Challenge competitors that started and finished the 6 week challenge!


- A combination of 134 lbs lost in this picture (some challengers missing)
- Total of 89 inches
- Total of 93 % body fat
- 900 pullups
- 30, 000 meters ran
- 15,725 Kettlebell swings
- 39,509 pounds lifted relative to the weight used during kbs and reps!!
Not one person goes unnoticed and we want to thank you all for your hard work and your dedication to this ‪DRS Community
You already have made a choice to a healthier lifestyle. Only the beginning!

Here are our Saturday 9am troopers, we gotta give some love to them as well!!



Stay Strong,
DRS Strong

Coach Rosario