Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 24 March 2015.

"Whether you think you can, or think you can't. You are right!"

Lets first recap last week… IT WAS SPICY!!! And LOT OF FUN! Right?
I think so! =) There are different levels of fun I agree and last week was the type of fun that you feel until the work out is over.
Last week’s purpose was to help you find a new gear in your training while keeping your technique and efficiency very high! With increased of intensity we often see a decrease in technique and mental focus, but I have to give everyone props for staying sharp through those hard workouts.


Monday tested your ability to keep your technique through the presses and challenged you on strict pull-ups in the middle of the workout. The reason for this was to test your raw strength when fatigued. It is easier to kip and swing compared of keeping a hollow position during a fatigued state. We have been training you to be able tol manage a safe and good position even through strict movements that require no momentum. You should feel very proud of these kinds of workouts because they are meant to keep you strong and to keep you challenged.

Tuesday tested every one mentally to go from the DRS Complex straight to the sprints and OH walking lunges. That was a SPRINT workout! It was impressive and very exciting to see everyone do so good and stay so mentally strong through it all.
Remember as the week goes by it is important to take your recovery day but also hit the gymnastics day on Thursday rather than making up a workout so you are properly recovered for Fridays workout and the following week. This is where we slow down and break down body weight movements that will help you on the bar, rope and overall body awareness.


Athlete Natalie from Whittier College working on her inverted hold for pole vault. Yes we do these movements at DRS for members as well to help with core and overall strength =)

We all know Saturdays are a fun way to start the weekend and flush some of the lactic acid of earlier in the week. Those days are great for you to bring friends and family to share your passion for fitness and healthier lifestyle. It is nice to let the people close to you go through a little bit of what you work so hard for. Be proud of your gains and your hard work =)

Week 26 is going to be the last week for CrossFit Open workout. It has been 5 weeks and Friday we will be having 15.5 to wrap up the Open . This week will be a bit of adaptation coming from last week and we will start a new cycle next week since the open will be over.
I am very excited for the new cycle of DRS Strong Programming and The Chad Attack =) Also, stay tuned since I will be writing a blog on Chalk =) I am very excited about this one blog because I can give you the rationale behind the madness and also let you know how I do see your side and every one else rationale. This will also cover other forms of accessories and performance enhancers ( not drugs haha).

Last but not least, I do want to thank every one that trusts the process and shows up daily for themselves and for the DRS community! We appreciate all of you being very coachable and flexible on DRS Strong methods !

Stay Strong
DRS Strong,

Coach Rosario


"I like babies haha"