Sunday, March 29, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 29 March 2015.

“ Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by choice.”

The 2015 CrossFit Open has concluded! It was a great and fun way to get everyone together and test the DRS Strong programming for the last 5 weeks. It allowed all of us to see where we have our strengths and exposed weaknesses that we can work on. For some of you, it was the very first time doing the Open, which can be very exciting and also motivating to keep getting better. Now, I will be testing some movements but not all 1RM categories but more on your work capacity and engine. I will be doing a lot of benchmark testing so we can establish the baseline of the new cycle coming up! This cycle will start in two weeks. April is around the corner which means new PRs!


-Lindsey Sember had one goal this month: To read ALL the blogs from day 1- she did it!!!! and it made me very happy hahaha

The new cycle will have a variety of new movements, such as full olympic lifts and more challenging gymnastic movements including muscle ups and handstand push ups. It is crucial to keep working position on squatting and overhead pressing but most importantly on mobility to be able to perform these lifts. EVERYTHING we do transfers in one way or another.
That is why we are very persistent on locking overhead every time you press, getting to full depth on any kind of squat and taking extra time to stretch and mobilize on your own to be more supple.

As we move through more olympic lifts, we will be explaining and progressing through them so you are fluid and efficient. We have been doing the DRS complex which is broken down in three different lifts. Its purpose is to break down the clean (squat clean) in three different segments. The movement starts from the floor and ends in a bottom position of a front squat. We have been doing the hang power clean which for most of you has become more fluid, now we just have to put all three segments together, the (clean) deadlift, hang power clean and front squat. The other movement we will be introducing is the next progression of the push press, the push jerk. If you continue to develop a good loading and lock out position of your push press, the more efficient your push jerk will be. Lastly, everyone is getting better in their snatch position deadlift, hang power snatch and overhead squat. It is crucial to see the connection between these three movements to have a good Snatch.

When it comes to more complex gymnastic movements like muscle ups and handstand push ups, it is important to continue working on a good kip. What does it mean to have a good kipping motion? It means that you are able to stay hollow through your entire body as you more forward and back. Think of it like a very good superman and the position of a hollow rock. The better you get at these movements and the stronger you become on your pull-ups, push ups and dips will help you to create a great strong foundation.
Foundation is key for a strong temple! Remember, you do not want to be working backwards to undo bad habits. If you already have them, lets try and redefine your technique which will give you longevity and better long term results! =)


Stay Strong,
DRS Strong

Coach Rosario