Monday, April 13, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 13 April 2015.

"You were given this life, because you were strong enough to live it "

This next cycle has started and is about getting stronger and keeping your endurance. It is about building work capacity and not losing your gains. You will be using your new percentages differently in all workouts. Certain workouts will require you to perform reps when fatigued and other ones will allow for more rest periods. At the end of the cycle, you should be expecting to have more fluid and efficient mechanics in squats, pullups and olympic lifts.


I wanted to take the time to talk about RECOVERY. RECOVERY is key to growth or constant stimulus for constant progression to reduce the risk of injury. We do the best we possibly can to give you the tools for success and to meet your goals. What you do outside of DRS can either hinder or benefit your goals. Remember to be smart and spend quality time on recovering and regenerating your muscles, nervous system and to nurture your aches and pains. We push your engine pretty hard and the programming is meant to recover you and push you in different days, but it is your responsibility to maintain that engine and fuel it with the best proper nutrients and rest it when needed.


("NANCY" sometimes can be tough on all of us haha)

How do you recover? I can write a very detailed blog on this topic but here are some simple fundamentals to keep your engine running smooth...
-try and eat something with high protein right after your workout and take couple of minutes to cool down and stretch
-drinking enough fluids (water) through out the day, at least 1 gallon
-epsom salt cool water baths for 20 mins can help restore broken down tissue or sore muscles
-static stretching right after a nice hot shower before bed to help promote blood flow and recovery through out the night
-you will learn the difference between taking a rest/active recovery day compared to taking the day off because you are too tired to train.
-Somedays your body is telling you it needs more rest than it needs training, listen to it! Some days we are just plain tired and we want to stay in. DON'T listen to it, get up and get your butt working, no one will put the work for you. Expect results when you put the time, effort and maintance to be successful. HARD work does pay off. SMART work means longevity!
Keep it up and lets have fun this week!!

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The difference between the succesful individuals in anything in life is that those will do what others are not willing to do and that is EXTRA work, EXTRA recovery, BETTER fuel, Stronger mind, CONSISTENT work!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"I like bear hugs haha"