Monday, June 15, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 15 June 2015.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10, 000 times." -Bruce Lee

This week is all about knowing when to go fast, when to go heavy and when to be patient and enjoy the process of learning new skill. I asked Coach Jenna and Coach Erik to give me a paragraph on what they thought on this topic so you can see everyone's opinion on how to approach your training regardless of the goal. Here is last week of awesomeness!


Here is Coach Jenna's:

"DRS Athletics is a competitive environment, you see how your friends, classmates, and coaches performed on the same workout and you are constantly striving to be better than you were yesterday. Now with that competitiveness and comperative nature, it is very easy to at some times want to RX a workout and if I am not doing it RX is it really even a workout? YES! The programming written here at DRS Athletics, is written with a purpose to increase your overall fitness. There are is a specific purpose for each workout we do here, we as coaches love explaining to yall what we are trying to accomplish on any specific day! But when we tell you that we want HIGH intensity, we mean we want you to go and go hard! You are becoming a better athlete by stringing together 15 knees to elbows than doing 15 single TTB while taking a 45 second break between each rep. Same goes for weight, you can go RX with 225 pound deadlifts and not even complete the workout within the Time Cap, or you can Modify the workout and have a significantly more productive and effective workout. Remember that your goals will determine your behavior in the way you approach your time here at DRS, wether you are training or working out makes a difference in how you will attack your workout. There is a time for working on skill, time to work on strength, and a time for Intensity! I would encourage you to stop looking at that M for Modified on the board in a negative way and instead see it as your personal vessel to becoming healthier, happier, and a fitter human being!"

Here is Coach Erik's:

"One of the greatest things about DRS Athletics to me is that no matter your age, gender or ability level you can always participate and accomplish the same task set for the day.Acknowledging this fact why, occasionally, is there a need for people to rush there personal progression? Is it ego? Is it pride?In my experience both could be the cause, however, what will set people apart is patience and consistency. That moment you set your ego/pride aside and modify that toes to bar you need more work on ,or, that pull-up that you cant quite get; you get better! Taking a step back and modifying for some of us takes courage, but it will allow you to see the bigger picture. Which is to become the best that YOU can be.....not just the best in the room."

This feedback is great to have from coaches that have been in those exact situations you all have. Remember DRS Strong Week 37 on how I mentioned the importance of knowing the purpose of your training or the importance of knowing you just want to work out? Ok this ties in nicely with goal setting and purpose of you showing up at DRS. My suggestion when it comes to lifting, training, working out, leaning out, sports performance or anything you put in mind. I think LONGEVITY and PURPOSE. If you are having fun and you are enjoying the process of getting better, there is no other way but your body, mind and spirit will respond to it. If you want to be in the fitness world for a lifetime you need to treat your engine just like it. There is always a purpose behind of what you do and of course the training and workouts I program for all of you. We all want better performance and better results, that is normal. Just dial back and understand 100% everyday is not the smartest way to go. 100% effort and focus and commitment yes, but all out, heavy everyday and high intensity can only put your engine at risk of overheating. Treat it like a race car, maintain, perform, recover. Dial it back in and start the cycle again. Work HARD, but work SMART and become a machine and a master of basics so that your basics become your intermediate, then your advanced then your expert level then your master then continue the cycle. Progression is key and understanding the why certain workouts deserve a different and specific focus compared to others. Your body can only progress as much as it is ready and recovered.

Let's have a great week and don't forget friday is split JERK day!!! WOOOO!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario