DRS Strong Week 382: Do the thing you've been afraid to do!

Monday, January 17, 2022 - 22:11

Why do we hesitate to do things we want to do? What makes us scared? 

We might never have the answers to a lot of questions, and believe me I love questions haha! But what I do know is that we are only here with an expiration date so why not go and seek adventure and do the things we are afraid of doing and trying. Anything worthwhile is both scary but yet super empowering. 

The thrill of doing something out of your comfort zone, outside of your circle, speaking in front of thousands, singing out loud, the saying dance like nobody is watching! so so true for all of us! Look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate every part of you. Dig deep in your own feeling and your own brain. Share the love of something with someone you choose. Read poems, do the photoshoot you have always wanted, sky dive ( never have I ever haha)

Get in the gym and kick your butt! don't be afraid to be the last one of the class, it won't be for long! Talk on the phone more often, ask your crush on a beach walk :) anything that you always have wanted to do.



Stay Strong, DRS Strong!

Coach RRA