Monday, July 6, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 06 July 2015.

"Train your mind to see the good in every situation."

We all want to be DRS Strong right? YES! What does it entail to be DRS Strong? It entails to have certain characteristics! This week let's focus on creating certain habits to have a stronger mentality. These characteristics allow you to feel good and mentally strong about yourself which helps you attack and tackle the workouts in a more positive manner which then helps your overall performance. These characteristics not only hold true for our values here at DRS but they are part of each of you. You bring these traits in here that make the community, workouts and place very enjoyable! so thank you! haha. Ok before I go into 5 things to focus on this week. The chad attack cycle is on week 6, you might feel it hasn't been that long since we maxed but it has. Now, we are not going to have a max cycle for most lifts like in a traditional MAX OUT week, instead I will be testing those lifts periodically through the next three weeks so that we can continue on this momentum of building strength and work capacity, c'mon its SUMMER haha. Also, because of the introduction of different lifts, I want you all to practice those lifts and movements for longer time before we do a MAX OUT week, which won't be until the beginning of August =)


Ok so now let's bring our focus back to Mental Strength,

1. Embrace challenge- when you embrace challenges that can make you have a change of pace or routine, YOU WILL GROW AND EXPAND.


3. Be prepared to work and succeed on your own merits- the world doesn't owe you anything, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF.

4. Be consistent- nothing beats hard,smart and consistent work.

5. Be patient and reflect on your progress- the virtue on patience is when you are doing something proactive to continue your progress. Evaluate and modify as needed.

When there is a challenge in life, training or in general, it makes you uncomfortable, if you embrace it, you are tolerating to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. You are training your mind to look at situations postively which helps you approach a situation or a workout in a more consistent positive manner. If you do this consistentlly, you develop habit and your patience is increased! While all of these things are happening, you are creating a mind set and your progress is increasing. It all goes hand in hand and it starts within you. I can say that I see a lot of this at DRS already and it is a joy of mine to have such an amazing training atmosphere in every single individual here. KEEP IT UP and LET'S PUT THIS TO PRACTICE =)

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Let's try fitting three people on the Hamboard hahah SUCCESS"