Monday, July 27, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 27 July 2015.

" The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what YOU do!!"

The mental focus of this week will be replacing excuses with actions and effort. The physical focus of this week is to test your "GRACE" time on monday, this will be the only benchmark we will be testing this week. We will be working on intervall running and prepare your split jerk movements for next week max out on the SPLIT JERK which a lot of you have never done. This week is about moving fast, efficient, while your lactic acid is calling your name. BELIEVE me ithis week is going to be a great time for each of you.


Before you read each bullet point try and say NO EXCUSES!! outloud then read the bullet point.

1) those are useless reasons to keep yourself from doing the best you can.

2) replace them with the best possible effort you can do that day.

3) focus on the task at hand and what you can do to better instead of the external things that "can affect" your performance and why you are not doing so good. It is easy to get caught up after a workout in saying well if I did that or I could have done that, or if I looked at the clock more, or maybe if there was better music playing, ETC. These are all USELESS excuses that will not last. Instead of putting such excuses in your mind and heart, when you hear 3, 2, 1 GO!!! means GO!! you move and you do it the best you can regardless of what is going on! Clear your mind and GO TO WORK!!!

4) check your attitude: the more self positive attitude and telling yourself you can do it, the better the outcome will be.

5)leave your ego at the door: you all do great on leaving your ego at the door, it can affect performance and your mental focus when you let your ego run the show. focus on the training you have been working on and you will succeed. If you haven't show up don't expect to feel the greatest but do feel good about being back and being there for that day, and the next and the next after that. DO the best you can for that specific time. YOU DECIDE HOW YOUR WORKOUT GOES!

WOOOOH!!! ok I hope this got you as fired up as it did me and you feel ready to go for this week!! haha


Now Let me explain something about last week max out on power cleans and push jerk. People asked me would it be easier if we went from the rack instead of having it to clean on the push jerk or when we do squats or OHS?
Not necessarily...yes it would involve less energy to start from the rack but let me explain the reason for certain things.
When we do a strictly max out that involves a press such as strict press, push press or jerking as well as squatting such as front squat, back squat and overhead squats yes it would be better to go off the rack so you are not spending as much energy having to clean it then press it or squat it or having to snatch it then overhead squatting. The reason why we haven't gone off the rack in quite a while is because I am preparing you for maxing in several lifts more than once. For example on monday we did Hang Squat clean and then Power clean, a LOT of you PR on both or in one and some of you didn't because you haven't been consistently showing up or your technique is the main reason you are lifting. Now on wednesday we tested the push jerk, why not go from the rack? well I wanted to purposely test you from the floor because some of you had another chance to test your power clean and PR while still going for the Push Jerk. Some of you might say well what if I wanted to focus just on the Push Jerk because my power clean is not as good? The reason why is because like I and the other coaches mentioned, we are testing your push jerk heavy max but at the same time I am training you to clean and jerk. When you perform a clean is tiring but at the same time is teaching you to recruit the last bit of energy to make the Jerk lift. Some of you PRd again on your clean and on your jerk and some of you just on the push jerk. Also, for some of you that have tested your jerk from the rack before, the weight sometimes feels a bit heavier but knowing you cleaned it might be giving you that extra confidence for the lift next =)

I hope that makes sense for some of you, if it doesn't or you want to learn more please feel free to talk to me about it all, I love to geek out on this stuff haha!!
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario