Monday, August 3, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 03 August 2015.

"Start strong, stay strong and finish strong by always remembering why you're doing it in the first place."
The focus of this week is to finish strong! This is the last week of this cycle! Monday is the only day we will be doing maxing in which this case is the Split Jerk! Make sure not to miss this lift since we will be starting our new cycle with new percentages :) As everyone's technique improves, you should start to see that your split jerk should be the highest number out of all your presses :) If you didn't get a chance to read about it last week here it is again =)...

Let me explain something about last week max out on power cleans and push jerk. People asked me would it be easier if we went from the rack instead of having it to clean on the push jerk or when we do squats or OHS?
Not necessarily...yes it would involve less energy to start from the rack but let me explain the reason for certain things.
When we do a strictly max out that involves a press such as strict press, push press or jerking as well as squatting such as front squat, back squat and overhead squats yes it would be better to go off the rack so you are not spending as much energy having to clean it then press it or squat it or having to snatch it then overhead squatting. The reason why we haven't gone off the rack in quite a while is because I am preparing you for maxing in several lifts more than once. For example on monday we did Hang Squat clean and then Power clean, a LOT of you PR on both or in one and some of you didn't because you haven't been consistently showing up or your technique is the main reason you are lifting. Now on wednesday we tested the push jerk, why not go from the rack? well I wanted to purposely test you from the floor because some of you had another chance to test your power clean and PR while still going for the Push Jerk. Some of you might say well what if I wanted to focus just on the Push Jerk because my power clean is not as good? The reason why is because like I and the other coaches mentioned, we are testing your push jerk heavy max but at the same time I am training you to clean and jerk. When you perform a clean is tiring but at the same time is teaching you to recruit the last bit of energy to make the Jerk lift. Some of you PRd again on your clean and on your jerk and some of you just on the push jerk. Also, for some of you that have tested your jerk from the rack before, the weight sometimes feels a bit heavier but knowing you cleaned it might be giving you that extra confidence for the lift next =). This applies the same with Split Jerk for now :)



During this week, we will be asking you what do you do or what goes in your mind to help you finish strong???? so let's be ready to answer :)
First, it all starts with the attitude you wake up and start your day. Second, the way you train your mind to tackle any challenges and adjust. Third, remembering why you are doing it in the first place. PURPOSE!! Continue to pursue your purpose and know the goal you have that day and the way you will tackle the workout mentally and physically!

Ok this is totally off topic but we ALL want to thank every single person here at DRS for the tremendous discipline and culture you are building in every single class. Attentive, ready to work, very coachable, supportive to each person in the class, competitive and you guys have done quite amazing at keeping your training place clean. It shows the kind of classy, responsible people we have here! So hats off to you all that make this place better every day!!!! Strong, friendly and clean environment WOOOOH! P.S. I am not OCD or anything hahah!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Words can't even describe this feeling AHHH"