DRS Strong Week 5- Progressive Overload

Sunday, November 2, 2014 - 12:00
Written by Coach Rosario on 02 November 2014.

"Do your duty and a little bit more and the future will take care of itself." –Andrew Carnegie

Okay, lets talk about Monday's workout. I am very proud of the response of everyone here at DRS and the enthusiasm and hard work from every single person. The workout itself was challenging yet fun and one of the longest one for most of you but you endured and kept on chipping away.

The purpose of dialing technique and progressive overload is very important because it allows your body and mind to get familiar with the movements without really getting in a routine. The routine is the enemy but muscle memory can be your best friend. We want to create good habits and a solid foundation for movements to continue to do good repetitions. It is OK to slow down and tackle technique, and it is also OK to pick up the pace with the movements that you are more familiar with.

Week 5 has been another excellent variation of movements and different domains of time and tasks. For most of the athletes that started with us 5 weeks ago, I can testify they are already surpassing what they didn't think was possible and that is very important and makes the DRS crew very proud!

We ended this week with a bang with our first Halloween WOD and we couldn't be happier to see every one's spirit and enthusiasm to celebrate all together. We also have two Halloween babies, Anna Linduska and Kolbie Nguyen HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope we exceeded your expectations on your Halloween/B-Day WOD

Saturday free community WOD consisted of team rowing 4k and farmers carries as well as finishing with burpees at the end in honor of Liz Nguyen's birthday plus one!

Week 6 will be having tests on strength, endurance, agility and gymnastics to continue checking your progress. Great work everyone!

Coach Rosario