Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 08 September 2015.

"Today I will do what others don't, so tomorrow I can do what others can't."

Ok after a good long Labor Day weekend, we are back on the grind! Before I go into specifics about week 5 of The Chad Attack, I want to share some thoughts about progressions, mastering the basics and finding tuning. I have been getting some questions about how to get better at certain movements or when do I think some of you can progress into the most advanced movements, etc. I love all these questions because it allows me to share some hands on experience about my journey and you also get a better understanding from all of us coaches of what it takes to get to a certain level. We are all still in the process.

1) Have an overall vision of what you want to achieve -this is where your long term goal comes in :)

2) What are the limitating abilities for that vision? -it can be injuries, mobility, lack of strength, nutrition, committment, lack of consistency, etc

3) What can you do daily to get closer to that vision?- this is where short/attainable/realistic goals come in :)

4) Are you being patient enough to obtain technique versus rushing to get to advanced movements with out a solid foundation? if this is the case, always go back to basics, the better the foundation the shorter amount of time it takes to undo "bad" habits.

5) Are you being proactive on working on those in #2? - if not do daily small adjustments that turn into big accomplishments

6) If you feel you need extra help or a more specific plan, we are always here to help and we also love having private sessions to really emphasize specific goals :) Private Training Lessons

7) Always be a student-don't stop learning

8) Aim for small achievements that are solid engraved on your muscle memory to develop more advanced movements or higher loads.

9) Intensity over volume- yes you can add all the two a days and all the volume in the world but if you have very low intensity or same intensity during your workouts your stimulus will never be enough to get faster and stronger, you will just become a pacer. It is about changing the intensity, volume and load of training.

10) Stick to the program and do your homework- Expect results when you put in the work and do the extra your body needs to recover. DRS Strong Week 29-RECOVERY IS KEY!

11) Big foundation ( master the basics, do very different movements, large compound movements, get time under your belt, apply), take the main foundation into a more advanced practice ( competitions, advanced movements progressions, higher loads, higher intensity), fine tuning to those well developed and performed movements. DON'T SKIP STAGES OF TRAINING, value those months and years of development . You can't take those back :)

12) Technique + Speed then Load: focus on technique, once you master that, add speed, once you have technique and speed, add load ( weight or harder progression) then it goes back to technique and speed with the new load. And on and on until you will be doing the most advanced techniques, fast and under load. BOOM. haha

Those are only few GEMS to take away for your progression in anything really but mainly when it comes to your sport, training and development as an athlete. also LIFE haha.


Back to week 5, Tuesday we are getting those squats in, this week is short and quick week involving a bit of higher reps on the squats and still doing the heavy singles on the clean and snatch on friday. Everyone is getting a lot better and comfortable in getting under heavy loads with efficiency and consistency. Keep up the great work everybody!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario