Monday, November 16, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 16 November 2015.

" If drive is the fuel that keeps you motivated, determination is the long view commitment to the mission."
These past three weeks we have been focusing on MAKING A HABIT OF EXCELLENCE, determining that there are 3 key components for it. Last week was DISCIPLINE and this week is DRIVE and DETERMINATION. We are wrapping up the chapter of making a habit of excellence by working on our drive and our determination. THAT IS OUR FOCUS OF THE WEEK.

DRIVE: discipline activates the habit, drive motivates it. It is fueled by desire, belief and expectation that we can achieve something extraordinary thorugh our efforts. It feeds on discipline as we commit ourselves at a deeper level to our pursuits.
How do we get the DRIVE? CONNECTION! connect the desire to something major in your life, a interest or purpose.
For example: MY PURPOSE as a coach is to help every person I encounter to get to their maximum potential physically and mentally and done well!. That transfers into performance, a better life, and life lessons. MY DRIVE IS seeing the end result of someone doing their first pullup, or moving from a pvc pipe to pounds on the bar, or just seing the change of demeanor on their facial expression :), that to me is the longlife source of energy that will keep me on my toes to always strive for more knowdledge of a sport, etc. Sometimes I don't get to see the end result, but in my heart if I knew I was the most dedicated, informed, passionate coach, that one day it will pay off and hopefully I had a positive influence in that individual.
This is the same as an athlete, you know your end goal (olympics? CrossFit Games? lose 100 lbs? etc) but its not tangible, all you know and all you have is what you can control and provide for yourself and others, REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME AT THE END. That brings us to DETERMINATION!

They are the ones who will do today what others won't. If you want something, work consistenly on it and make it happen. IT GOES BACK TO SELF DRIVE AND SELF DISCIPLINE!
I truly believe in this and I appreciate the people that take the time to start believing as well. We are all striving for perfection, but there is no such thing, and that is the beauty of it. It means as time evolves, we all evolve in mind, body and spirit to become the best we can be, not at just fitness and sports but at life. WHY NOT???
We are not CATS, we only get 1 LIFE! HOW DO YOU WANT TO LIVE IT?????



YOU BETTER BE INSPIRED BY NOW haha! Ok so week 2 of The Chad Attack. KAREN IS COMING TO TOWN ON MONDAY! yes come in and do the best you can and visit with Karen, we are snatching on wednesday and clean and jerk on friday. NO we are not finding a heavy single but working percentages or skill. That is how we get better, move better! WOOOOH LET'S GOOO!!!

Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Sometimes I do handstands in front of a Jet Blue Plane before take off hahaha"