Monday, November 23, 2015 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 23 November 2015.

"Perform the common uncommonly well"

It is natural to want to teach people advanced and fancy movements. There is always an urge to move away from the basics and toward advanced movements which is human nature. Is it a bad thing?? NO! But, this rush of always wanting to get to the most advanced technique or RX weight, etc can increase injury, delays advancement and progress, plain and simple delays fitness. Why focus on progressions if it takes longer? One reason can be because it allows your body and mind to systematically get better. Technique and strength takes time to develop and so does movement patterns that your body and mind has never been exposed to. Even when you are a former athlete, there are set patterns that your body is used to ( good or bad) and to redefine those patterns takes time. If it took you couple of years to develop certain habits, it might take a bit long to develop new, or redefine them for better quality and a lot more efficiency. This is just a reinforcement to everyone that is being patient and taking the time to develop in a lot of areas! keep it up, you are doing something right and your body will thank you!


As we approach Week 3 of The Chad Attack, I wanted to take some time and go into OVERHEAD STABILITY. STABILITY is how well we can maintain a position in the presence of change. This is very important because most people can be very stable when there is no change of speed, weight or position, but as soon as we change those variables, stability goes out the window. This cycle is focusing heavily on OVERHEAD stability because personally I think its one of the most important positions. It tests different aspects of fitness but most important it is a great way to see strength and weak positions in your own body. It allows for us coaches to see what areas need work in terms of strength, mobility, stability, etc. It is important to understand overhead stability takes time to develop and even if you come from an athletic background or you can arnold press 100 lb dumbbells (haha) it doesn't necessary mean you have overhead stability.

We always try and promote technique, then speed plus technique and finally if you can control technique plus speed and add load then you are on the right track!
These are few pre- requesites for OH stability ( aka, OHS, Snatches, Handstands etc. These are more advanced movements but it starts with simple strict press, bear crawls, hollow rocks, air squats, etc)

1.) Motor control (think patterns)
2.) Mobility (ability to move through a desired range of motion)
3.) Stability (control movement in the presence of change)
4.) Balance (in this case, static balance)
5.) Strength (amount of force production against a resistance)

The focus of this week and forever is PURSUE STABILITY and your body will aligned in ways that you have not moved ever or in a very long time! Your body is meant to move well, but after years of moving in a non desired state, it will take some time to get it back like a baby haha!

Take this little thanksgiving break to recover, refuel and come back fresh! NO CLASSES THURSDAY OR FRIDAY THIS WEEK!
See you Saturday at 9am!

Stay Strong
Coach Rosario


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