Monday, January 25, 2016 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 25 January 2016.

"You can try hard and feel good about yourself. You can do the best you can and feel EMPOWERED."

This week is all about finding what makes you feel empowered and feeding it to the max. That fuel is what gets you through a workout or a challenging day in life. We want to be able to feed ourselves positive things to not just drag through our workouts but to the best we can in them.

How do you feed what makes you feel empowered?
1. Find it first! Feeling empowered means to feel good, more confident, more in control of you.
Maybe finishing a workout you didn't think you can finish makes you feel good in all aspects so you have a more productive day at work. Maybe you just got out of relationship and training makes you gain confidence back. Maybe you just need the structure and discipline to follow a training regimen. Maybe seeing everyone else in the class and sharing the battlefield together makes you feel good about yourself. Whatever it is, cherish it and feed it.

2. Once you have one. Add another and another one and another until you have so many different reasons to feel empowered that a bad day or a bad workout can't derive you from it. And by the way there is never a bad workout, you can learn from it and at least you were doing something!

3. Share it with others!!! Influence others to feel the same and create that around you! =)

Check out what your coaches and some of your training buddies had to say!

This is the 4th week of The Chad Attack and I know the programming has been a mix of a habanero and a spicy jalapeƱo most days but all of you are adapting great and should feel way better than the first week of this cycle! Remember the CrossFit Open is around the corner so during those 5 weeks we will be testing all the hard work. I am looking into maxing out on 1 lift at the beginning of the week and doing the Open workout on Fridays during each class. It is an exciting time!! Expect the known and the unknown in the next couple of weeks :)


We have gotten great feedback on the blog these past couple of weeks, feel free to let me know a topic of interest and I would love to cover it. We will be releasing in the next couple of weeks how to build a foundation if you are new or semi new to fitness and how to keep it strong if you have been doing this for a while.
Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Sometimes I have epic pole balancing battles with Coach Erik as our warm up hahah"