Monday, February 1, 2016 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 01 February 2016.

"The difficult we do immediately.
The impossible takes a little longer.
Build a strong foundation to create something of value."

What are you doing daily to improve your physical fitness and longevity? This week is to reinforce the value of having a solid foundation. Our focus is to help you understand and take a minute to reflect on where we are now. If you have been patient to develop a solid foundation, you should be seeing the results of all that hard work. If you are one of those people that want instant gratification and results, just know that is not sustainable.
Remember is never too late to get back to basics and reinforce technique. As we launching into our second year here at DRS Athletics, it is amazing to see the fruits that are flourishing from everyone's hard work. Let me break it down to a very simple science. I am giving you 3 different scenarios to compare to.
VOLUME: the amount of work
INTENSITY: the pace or load to do the work
PROGRESSION: movements that are progressive from easier to harder
NUTRITION: What you put in your body for fuel and health purposes
RECOVERY: regenerating mind, body and soul

If you are new to Fitness in general always remember that your body will need time for adaptation, progression, load and volume. The most important thing to focus is technique and laying down a solid foundation to build upon. Just like you are asking your body (machine) to produce and make you stronger, faster and better looking, your food intake should match what you are asking your body to do. (If you do not know what to eat in general remember you can always ask your coach and come to the FREE NUTRITION WORKSHOP Feb 11th at 6pm!). The key for you is consistency, and nutrition, the intensity and volume is not close to being discussed yet. MORE IS NOT GOOD. QUALITY IS GOOD!!

If you have been doing this fitness trip for a while. STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND REASSESS!! This is going to be your most important tool because it is easy to get caught up in scores and workouts instead of understanding what your goal is in the first place. Your food is probably not as dialed in because you think you can just workout it out and you will start next week again by eating clean. THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS STAGE!!! WHY?
Because we are in a comfort zone! so get out of it and plan again! This is where a lot of people tend to want to do A LOT OF VOLUME but remember when there is a lot of volume the intensity will go down. DO NOT compare yourself to anyone but yourself in what works for you. The key for you is to dial in nutrition, crank up the intensity and revisit your basics.

If you are doing this for a living or competitive, still stop and reasses. This is the culmination of all those hours of technique, drilling, hard work, PRs, dialed nutrition, etc. This is a great time to shape your empire and fine tuning. The load is high and you are playing with the volume as you understand recovery. For most people at this stage, they have done the volume, the intensity and the nutrition. The key is to revisit nutrition to help you sustain a better recovery and to focus most on quality. It is like the scenario number one but now you have training experience, you understand your body better and you have earned your stripes with the YEARS of doing this. Even this scenario focus is once mastering the basics, keeping them sharp!

I hope this helps some of you as a guide of where you are in terms of fitness and nutrition but remember no matter how long or how little you have been training for a sport or just to be fit, there is always something you can go back to and that is how strong your foundation is. If its not, thats ok, build it now, if it is, then keep reassesing to never get stagnant. BOOOYAH!!!!


Stay Strong,
DRS Strong
Coach Rosario


"Sometimes I get really serious during street fair competitions hahah"