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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 11 April 2016.


We are on week 2 of The Chad Attack Beach Series 1 and we are very proud to say the adaptation to the stimulus has been very successful. This week is important to be consistent in your movements to allow your brain and body to perform at a high intensity while still working on your technique. THE FOCUS OF THE WEEK IS: WE ONLY GO AS HEAVY OR AS FAST AS......TECHNIQUE ALLOWS!!! :) you probably have heard this a hundred times but it is very important to beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite athletes. If you stick to this for the most part of your training, not only you will be successful but you will also see the benefits of your hard work paying off in a more efficient, fluid way of training and performing :)

Ok now I would like to tell you 3 benefits of why Sprinting is so important and beneficial:
1. It promotes the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers.
What does this mean? It means that your body is forced to recruit faster muscle fibers that help you in terms of speed, power and overall higher intensity. We are all born with a set of slow or fast and some medium fibers, but you can still train your body to get the best out the ones you have and create others. Sprinting will allow to make you faster.

2. It promotes muscle growth.
Yes, if you want gains. Sprint. While running long distance is great for some cardiovascular benefits, running at a slower pace over long periods of time can also eat up your muscle and pound on your joints. I am not bashing on long distance running because there is always a purpose and training for those that actually compete in it and I have high admiration for those people.
But if you want to be fast, you have to train your brain and muscles to be fast.

3. It helps promote bone density.
This is actually one of my favorite benefits that most people don't know about. Lifting weights help bone density because of the impact and tension you put on the bones to make them stronger, with proper progression and recovery.
Sprinting acts in somewhat the same way. I won't get to sciency on you guys, but the impact on the bones and muscle tissues help promote bone density. Your bones receive the stress from running or lifting and they become more dense overtime with proper overload and training. That is why running is so important when you are injury free. It helps strengthen not just your muscles but everything else. Just remember people that are new to running or training, you ease your way into it just like everything else :)
Now you know why I make you guys run so much hahah! You're welcome haha! Share with your loved ones !

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