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Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 23 May 2016.


This week I wanted to give you some insight on The Chad attack programming, but before I go into some detail I am sure you all want to know what's in store for this second transition week. We will be testing some benchmarks but its just a prep to get you ready for the beach series II. Like I mentioned before the first beach series was to build capacity to withstand certain loads and move them more efficiently. This second series is to take that capacity and turn in into power and multiple strength numbers. We will not shy away from conditioning because that is part of being fit and it helps tremendously with recovery and the beach bod haha! Check out the blog I wrote on types of strength if you are still confused about what those are:
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The Chad Attack programming is something I take tremendous pride and truly have passion for. The main purpose of the programming is to make possible the once impossible. What do I mean by that? I mean that I want to exploit each of your physical ability to the maximum capacity so you can be the most FIT you have ever been. I do that with an organized structure of programming having different physical focuses through out the year, months, weeks and days but not forgetting a solid base of intensity and safety! This is only possible with different stimulus that will definitely put you out of your comfort zone but will help you achieve a goal. It is only possible with consistency, patience and progressive overload. This is not inteded for a specific goal because then the programming needs to be specific and that is why Gymnastics and Weightlifting are its on specialty as well as individual programming and training. But it is intended for the population that desires to be FIT, be STRONG and achieve goals that some were never imaginable. IT ALL TAKES TIME and smart work but it is possible. I do take pride in the foundation of running hahah I know you might think because I love running well yes part of it yes but mainly because I truly belive in the great effects of sprinting and creating a stronger heart. Once you have strength and solid foundation your body is ready to take on more difficult stimulus which provides the effects of longevity. This is a cycle that takes times to develop but it allows you to develop and evolve as your body and mind craves for more stimulus. It truly is a beautiful thing if you feed the needs instead of the EGO.
I honestly can talk about this for hours haha but one thing I do know is that I am very appreciated for my coaches that deliver such a great representation of the programming and themselves in each of their class! It would not be the same without them.
Here is a little snippet of what they think of the Chad Attack Program:

The Chad Attack is the emulsification of the very best of what CrossFit has to offer, and the best of what the strength and conditioning community has to offer. Finding fantastic results by using all the most current science and research available in the world of fitness. Add all of this on top of 15+ years of programming and anecdotal evidence of what works leads us to the very best results for beginners all to way to high end competitors.
-Coach Jenna

CrossFit is a training methodology that incorporates a broad and quantifiable range of aerobic and anaerobic capacities. The chad attack programming is a unique take on the existing crossFit methodology which strives to incorporate more of a Strength and Conditioning stance while still staying to true to the CrossFit principle. This will allow for training cycles to be more focused on a goal while still maintaining enough depth in programming to accommodate broad training domains.
-Coach Erik

I also want to thank you! the members that believe day in and day out in the program :) I love getting your texts or seeing your reactions before and after the workout! We all have faith in each of you haha!

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