Monday, August 15, 2016 - 12:00
Written by Rosario Rios Aguilar on 15 August 2016.


There are things you can't control and there are others you can. When it comes to training, there are several factors that can affect the way your training goes and how you feel from day to day. In the next paragraph, I will discuss few adjustments you can do to help you stay sharp, to keep growing and while having fun during training. THE FOCUS OF THIS WEEK IS to put a feeling to your training and move with it!

There are certain adjustments we all can do to make training a non stressor and instead a happy part of our days.

1. HAVE A GOAL IN MIND: We all want to be fitter, stronger and faster, but that is such a broad and general goal that when hard days in training come in, it's easy to lose focus and forget your goal in the first place. Start by having a long term goal ( regardless if its aesthetics/performance/etc) then have a smaller goal per week and then one goal everytime you train. These will help you have a more clear focus while training during your great days and not so great days. Also, understand that if you are training like an athlete, you have to recover like one. If you are training for a hobbie, and your recovery is like such, DO NOT have unrealistic goals when your performance falls short. Now, if you are in between of those two side of the spectrums, take it for what it is that day and move on :) This is what balance is all about!

2. ARE YOU SLEEPING/ RECOVERING ENOUGH?: Even the slightest adjustment to your bedtime routine can help you recover better, such as no lights 1hr before sleeping, or taking a quick cat nap during your lunch. Again, sometimes our brains are a bit tired which tend to trick our body into feeling tired therefore your training does not feel as good. If you sleep, you will feel motivated to do things and do them well.

3. SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF: We can all go through the motions of training, life, work, etc. But THAT IS A WASTE OF TIME! I am sure there is always something to do during your training time, but if you are already at the gym, then you should try and be physically, mentally and spiritually there! If not, then leave to do something productive and come back when being present is your option. NOW, everyone has off days but there is always something we can do and pick to show up. For example: Dealilng with injuries sucks! but not your whole body is injured, there are MANY things you can work on while other things heal up. Another one is feeling out of shape because you have been gone too long? SO WHAT? Not everyone is going to train 365 days a year. Get in the gym and do the best you can for the day and on and on. It is easier to make excuses or feel self pity instead of looking inwards getting off the couch and showing up for yourself. If discipline was easy, everyone would have it. CHOOSE HARDER.

As human beings, as consistent as some of you are, we are constantly changing so it helps to go with how you are feeling but channel it into the training into a positive motion. Small adjustments promote change and allows you to have fun while doing what you love and if you don't love it at least you are doing something good for yourself :)

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