Success Stories



At DRS Athletics, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Huntington Beach. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

Caselyn Iglesias

"I will never forget the first day that I walked in… I already knew this was the right fit for me because of the welcoming atmosphere.

Finding exceptional coaching and programming should ultimately be the first step when looking for a gym/box. All their workouts have a purpose and it isn’t just a workout to workout – there are specific cycles with goals at the end of each one. The coaching staff is what makes DRS, DRS – great personalities with the same goal for their athletes. The coaches work with you to ensure proper technique and modifications, and they will never push your injuries. I respect them for ensuring the betterment of your health and safety.

Their weightlifting program is a great add-on if you love Olympic weightlifting and want to work on your technique for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. I actually started the program when I had shoulder issues. I asked one of the coaches, Rosario, if it would be okay to do this program with my issues and suggested that it would help. Sure enough, with some rehab, modifications, and guidance from the coaches, my shoulder actually got better! I really enjoy the weightlifting program because the coaches know what they are doing, what to look for, and ultimately know how to help you progress.

The facility is ALWAYS clean… I have visited other boxes and none of them compared to DRS. I also really appreciate the turf and the large floor space for barbell work and there is sufficient amount of equipment.

I could go on and on about DRS, but honestly this is a great place to be. Coming to DRS is a highlight of my day mostly because of the community – we don’t discuss the stresses of life, work, but instead talk about things that we can all relate to and make us happy such as the WOD and how it hurt so good, our technique, our numbers, what we could have done better, etc. I have done so many things I am proud of that I never imagined I could ever do… all because of DRS and the amazing coaches Rosario and Jenna. Overall, you won’t be disappointed!!"